Karrueche Claps Back at Chris Brown’s New Side Piece!

Chris Brown’s favorite rebound side chick Karrueche Tran is getting a taste of her own medicine now that Chris and Rihanna broke up. You see Karrueche once took Chris from Rih Rih, and now former vixen friend Blair Pena is working to take Chris Breezy away from Karrueche Roo.

Karrueche put Blair on blast for creeping with Chris after she posted a pic of her filling up his Range Rover recently and living the lusty life at his crib!!!

RANGE chris3

The exotic beauty has been known to hang around both Chris this past year, photos of the ‘Big Love’ family have circulated through IG….


Ms. Blair is ready to be Breezy’s main chick and kick Kae to the curb. Check out her Vine video below that she made with Chris Brown while Karrueche was out of town!!!

blair2They use to be friends as you can see in this pic. However ladies know that just because you can drink and party with a girl, does NOT make her your friend!
This is Blair playing with Breezy’s dog….Hmmmmmm
Karrueche tweeted this literally minutes after Blair sent out that tweet pic of her and Chris’s dog……Karrueche is so tight!!!!

Source and Images: Bossip