Kanye West & Wiz Khalifa Have Twitter War Over “WAVES” Album Title [Pics]


Kanye West just got the extra promotion for his upcoming album “Waves” without even having to pay for it.

After Yeezy recently took to Twitter to announce the name change of his upcoming studio album from “SWISH” to “WAVES”, Pittsburgh rapper, Wiz Khalifa, began to send a series of shady tweets  in regards to who really originated the term “wavey” in rap music.

wiz-tweets wiz-tweets5

Once Wiz called Kanye out on his album name change, Yeezy quickly took to his timeline to issue a Tweet where he paid homage to Max B, and other prominent figures within hip hop.


However, Wiz seemed to shrug off Kanye’s good intent.

That was all the ammo that Kanye needed to issue one the best clapbacks in history!

Kanye went on a full fledge Twitter war against Wiz, calling the “Black and Yellow” emcee out for making crappy music and wifing a stripper, Amber Rose.

kanye-tweets2 kanye-tweets3 kanye-tweets4 kanye-tweets5 kanye-tweets7 kanye-tweets8 kanye-tweets9 kanye-tweets11 kanye-tweets12

YIKES! Kanye went all the way off, and we enjoyed every bit of it! Wiz definitely barked up the wrong tree when he popped off at Ye.

Wiz knew he got his butt handed to him, and kept his response short and sweet.


Checkmate for Kanye! He just finished Wiz and promoted his album all at the same damn time!