Kanye West Wants Everyone to Know That He’s A Christian

Kanye West loves to prove to everyone that he is Kanye West. No other celebrity feels the need to prove themselves to society more than Yeezy, who goes as far as to go on Twitter rants, do long speeches at his shows, and multiple press interviews explaining how much of a genius he is, how he’s the “new age rock star”, and how he really loves Kim K.

Yeezy recently explained to his concert audience that he is indeed a Christian, and believes in Jesus Christ…..like we didn’t already know that from the “Jesus Walks”, and Jesus concert cameos. However, I guess surrounding all of his blasphemous connotations about Christianity and illuminati references , if he is going to explain to anyone that he loves God, he should be telling God….not us!!!

Just be yourself Yeezy….that’ll get you more respect.