Kanye West Tries to Push DONDA in California to Uninterested Investors

Kanye West has been on a media rampage as of late, in an attempt to try and get backing and funding for his hopefully upcoming fashion line. However, though he may mean well, he is going about his mission in all the wrong ways in turn and rubbing many people (investors) the wrong way.

Now there are reports that Yeezy has been trying to court Silicon Valley investors to throw capital behind his DONDA venture are flying around but it appears nobody is interested.

Gawker’s ValleyWag learned from sources that West has been holding audience with venture capitalists in the Bay Area tech corridor attempting to get some financial backing for DONDA. In fact, it’s being said that West’s fancy engagement to Kim Kardashian at the San Francisco Giants ballpark, AT&T Park was full of the investors Yeezy was hoping to persuade to invest money into the line

West isn’t exactly winning over investors either after a public spat with Zappos and his abrasive pitch style, sources say. From ValleyWag: “I think he’s getting frustrated. People are enjoying meeting him because he’s Kanye and they want to take him around, but then they’re not actually investing,” said one source. Investors like the coolness by proxy, just not his pitch style. “If you see his behavior, it’s so erratic, he’s not focused and kind of all over the place,” the source added. West’s caustic public criticism of investors has also left VCs a little gun shy.

Source: HipHopWired