Kanye West Messing Up Deals With Sponsors Over His Drunk Rants

If Kanye West just learned how to stfu sometimes, and drink lightly when at industry events, he would be a much happier celebrity.

But noooo, not Yeezus!

Via NYPost

While Kanye West seeks partners in corporate America for his cultural projects, fallout from his epic rant at a listening party for rapper Pusha T isn’t helping him win over the big brands.

We hear West is seeking sponsors for his various creative endeavors, including his guerrilla-style music performances, art installations and fashion line. But West hosted a listening party last week for Pusha T’s new album, “My Name Is My Name,” at Industria Studios, and commandeered the microphone to embark on a expletive-filled rant against “corporations” and “sellouts.”

I don’t give a [bleep] about none of these corporations, none of these [bleep] sellouts, this [bleeping] Pusha T,” he yelled.

Even worse West admitted he was “a little off that Goose right now,” supposedly referring to Grey Goose during his rant — even though the party was sponsored by Hennessey. Then the next day, West missed a Hennessey-sponsored birthday party for rapper Nas, which left Hennessey brass disappointed, sources told us.

We hear West’s actions aren’t helping him make friends in the corporate world. “Sponsors are scared away because he’s so unpredictable,” said one insider. A rep for West didn’t get back to us.

Wait wait wait a minute…….who is Kanye to be yelling out “sellouts” when he was the one on Momager Kris Jenner’s show a few weeks ago like……