Kanye West Goes HAM on Photographer…AGAIN!

Kanye West spazzed on paps again….it’s becoming normal for a monthly Kanye West anti-paparazzi rant.

There’s a reason Kanye West hates the paparazzi so much. Ye feels that after he started getting serious with Kim Kardashian, he felt a couple of paps would cross the line and ask him inappropriate questions about their relationship in public. We’re told he started to feel like certain paps were “heckling” him.

Things escalated in October 2012 during a trip to Miami … when a local photog asked Kanye and Kim if they would be inviting Kris Humphries and Reggie Bush to their wedding.

Kanye was pissed … and, rightfully so, felt the photog was just trying to antagonize him.

Things got worse a few months later, after Kim announced she was pregnant when another pap started hammering K&K about whether they would invite Ray J to the baby shower.

That, we’re told, was the breaking point and from that moment on, Kanye decided to impose his “DON’T EVER TALK” policy on anyone with a camera.

We understand why Kanye hates the paps and it’s rightfully so. We feel more celebrities should ban together to prevent these photographers from invading into their lives too much. From the recent incident with Lamar Odom, even to Halle Berry going to court to prevent photographers from taking pictures of celebrity children. These photographers need to have limits, because now they’re treating these celebrities like they’re not humans.

The photogs literally have the worst job in the world, but they don’t need to rile celebrities up to get reactions. Treat them like you would any one else….with respect.

Kanye don’t play that

Should Paparazzi Have Limits on how they Approach Celebrities?

Source: TMZ