Kanye West Facing Charges for “Assault” on Photographer

We’ve been saying that we want these photogs and paparazzi to have limits how much they’re allowed to harass and taunt celebrities. Well now Kanye West is the latest celeb being antagonized and potentially arrested over the foolish acts by these paps.

Prosecutors in Los Angeles have worked late with lawyers about investigating whether to bring criminal charges against Kanye West. Kanye will be charges with bullish*t charges of Attempted Robbery in the Second Degree. However, this is the THIRD TIME that Ye has attacked one of the paparazzi. So the law is trying to go hard this time around.

If Kanye is found guilty, he faces up to three years in prison. And since it is considered a violent felony, he would have to do 85% of any sentence imposed.

This is completely absurd and these charges should be dropped especially since the photographer that Ye attacked is the same one that Britney Spears attacked a few years ago. These photographers need limits and boundaries as to how they’re allowed to approach celebs and how they should still respect them as individuals. SMH

Source: Bossip