Kanye West Explains Why He Spazzed on Paparazzi Saying, “That Was the Day I Learned My Grandfather Was Dying”

Kanye West has decided  to take a different route with how he’s choosing to deal with the media…..just being honest with them!

Yeezy went as far as to explain what triggered his raged attack on a photographer earlier this year.

via THG

Kanye West was oddly friendly and candid with paparazzi today (seriously, it’s not April 1) even explaining why he pummeled a photographer in July.

Ye said that one thing he didn’t get to mention this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live (one of the very, very few things) was the context behind the fight.

The rapper says the photographer, Daniel Ramos, set him up, was antagonizing him, and it happened just as he learned his grandfather was dying.

Well, this definitely puts things into even more context, especially considering that Kanye grandfather passed away a few months later.  This should show this crazy paps why they need to respect the privacy of these celebs and just get a picture or ask normal questions. These photographers seriously cross the line when it comes to getting footage for the blog sites. Celebrities are still human being…not zoo animals.