Kanye West Weird Acceptance Video At Tribeca Film Festival With Rick Rubin [Video]


In true Kanye West fashion, Yeezy has put a new oddly innovative spin on creating acceptance speech videos.

According to E! News, the rapper and legendary producer Rick Rubin gave an acceptance speech on behalf of the TR-808 Drum Machine for the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards. The machine is heavily used in many action films and music from all genres.

Directed by Mark Romanek (Michael Jackson’s “Scream,” Jay Z’s “Picasso Baby,” the video starts with Kanye and Rubin giving thanks for the machine, but Romanek uses old footage of Ye and Rick,  with Kanye’s “I’m In It” playing in sections of the video between bits of dubbed foreign languages film for their voices.

It’s pretty dope! Check it out below