K.Michelle Blasts Two NFL Players For Making Fun of Dark Skin Women [Pics]


Ish hit the fan over the weekend between singer K.Michelle and Arizona Cardinals players Brennan “Koon” Clay and Tony “Tap Dancing” Jefferson after the two NFL players were caught publicly joking about dark skin Black women on Instagram.


However, the racist slander didn’t go unnoticed as reality TV star K. Michelle took to Instagram to blast the pro athletes for their harsh words towards woman of their own race.


After K blasted these two ignorant athletes, Brennan Clay soon took to Twitter to “attempt” to defend himself by making mention of a diabetic child he did charity work for.


Boy bye!!!! That has nothing to do with the topic at hand, and only further shows us how much of an ignoramus Brennan Clay really is.

Looks like we’ll be rooting for Cam Newton and the Panthers next Sunday as they take on the Arizona Cardinals in a spot for this years Superbowl.


Images: Bossip