K. Michelle and Lance Stephenson Officially Call It Quits

We recently reported that reality star and singer K.Michelle had been dating Indiana Pacers baller Lance Stephenson, though he’s still rumored to be involved with the Mother of his 2 year old daughter.

Though we reported how K was reluctant to believe the rumors, the truth has been revealed yet again, and this time K officially claims single status……we definitely feel bad for her though. She really can not keep a man. Damn!!!!

K.Michelle was really fed up because she announced yesterday the relationship with Lance is officially over!

kbreakup4 kbreakup5

Lance had this to say in return.


Lance posted a photo of himself holding a basketball with the caption:


Lance’s baby’s mother who is pregnant by Lance again posted this:

“I would love to clarify something… I will not hide my pregnancy because of my children’s father has chosen to be untruthful. I will continue to be strong and positive…. Men lie, women, lie, but God doesn’t! Blessings are to be rejoiced not denied!”



Wow!!!! K lost to a Mother of two, that has got to hurt. She really needs to learn how to watch out for red flags because we saw this coming a loooooong time ago!

kbreakup kbreakup2


POOR GIRL! And she’s putting up the single girl Instagrams too!!!! Damnnnnn!
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