Juvenile Attacks Man Who Says, “Juvenile Here. Here Come All The Ho*s Now” [Video]


A fan recently had to learn the hard way that Cash Money rapper Juvenile was only rocking with ho*s back in “da 99 and the 2000″!

Via: TMZ

Juvenile attacked a man at a Waffle House in South Carolina Friday night after the customer saw the rapper walk in and said, “Juvenile here, here come all the hoes now.”

An eyewitness tells TMZ, Juvenile was with his girlfriend and his posse when the guy made the comment, and clearly felt his girlfriend had been insulted. Seconds later, Juvenile and some of his boys jumped the customer and beat him … as the surveillance video shows.

Juvenile, who was in town for the Legends of Southern Hip Hop tour, left as did the customer. Cops didn’t come until an hour later and we’re told they didn’t take a report since no one was there to complain.

We honestly just thought that the comment the customer made was hilarious, and that is why we shared this story. LOL!