Justin Bieber Started Doing Push Ups After Getting Locked Up [Video]


If you were skeptical about Justin Bieber’s poser/fake gangsta persona before, after watching this video of him in jail  you will possibly change your mind……or just think he’s just a bit lame.

After getting locked up, for the few hours that he was in there, Bizzle proceeded to do 23 1/2 pushups in 28 seconds….for what reason we don’t know, but we assume he must of felt pretty bad ass after realizing he was in jail…..and every girl loves a jail bird!

The jailhouse video shows Justin in his cell after being busted last month in Miami Beach for DUI and resisting arrest.

This is one part of the 9 hours of video which shows Justin clearly under the influence according to police, but frankly, Justin doesn’t seem obviously under the influence, just corny!

Source: TMZ