Justin Bieber Photoed Sleep In Bed With His Friends…..Suspect Much?!

Justin Bieber is awfully and awkwardly close with his friends.  A picture was posted on Lil Za’s Instagram profile of him, Justin Bieber, and Lil Twist all in bed together.  All three boys are fully clothed and Za appears to be the only one awake in the picture.

He’s propping his head up with one arm looking on at his two friends who appear to be sleeping, however Justin’s right leg is draping over Lil Za’s torso.  Justin laid in the middle meanwhile Lil Twist laid on his left side wearing a black shirt, black hat, and a few chains.

This is hands down the most suspect pic since Lil Wayne and Baby’s kissing cam pic. Biebs lost any ounce of gangsta points that he thought he had.


Source: bossip.com