Stop Being a Hype Beast: Fashion Tips for Trend Followers


Hypebeast is a word that is often brought up in the fashion world. However, a lot of people do not know the meaning of the word. A hypebeast is a person who is obsessed with the current trends in fashion. Perfect examples of hypebeasts are people who are often sneaker heads, people who shop just for brands aka logo heads, people who wait  outside of stores for hours to purchase 50 dollar items and flipping it for double the price, and the list goes on. A hypebeast is not something you want to be labeled as if you’re a lover of fashion. I am here to help you fellas NOT TO BECOME A HYPEBEAST ! Here’s how.

10. MATCHING YOUR CLOTHES IS NOT ALWAYS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Stay away with matching your colors and brands. For example if you have a pair of bape sneakers in your closet you don’t necessarily have to wear Bape Jeans and a Bape Hoodie. In addition if your sneakers are black and white you don’t need a black t-shirt and white jeans. Throw a different color on to make your outfit stand out. Being matchy with your colors on your outfit is bland and mundane.


9. Do not only stick to sneakers. If you are looking to change your style fellas you have to embrace different and simple footwear. Having all the cool sneakers  is nice, but, what is different  about your footwear from all the sneaker heads out here in this world??  UUUUMMMMM absolutely NOTHING!! Add some shoes to your closet, stay away from all the loud colors also, try wearing some oxfords, sand boots, and double monk shoes.  Be versatile fellas stay away from only purchasing sneakers.


8. TRY NOT TO BE SO LOUD. Do not be the guy on the scene over accessorizing for no reason. You do not need to have a snap back/ fitted, necklace, ring, bracelet, and bandanna on. Take it down a notch brother all of that is not needed. Less is more fellas and embrace simplicity.


7.  JUST SAY NO. Simple, you don’t need everything that comes out. People who are still purchasing everything that is hyped into the market are usually little kids. Think about it, did you really need the new Jordan’s that came out in the month of November? NO, you didn’t so just pass on certain things trust me it is not the end of the world.


6.  WHAT DEFINES YOU.  find out what brands fit your lifestyle is what we are trying to say. If you’re a lover of the luxury life you probably like brands such as Prada, Lanvin, and Chanel. If you’re into the street style you love brands such as Pyrex, HBA, and Invisible Bully. However, at a certain age you should know what style fits your type of lifestyle. If you are working a regular 9-5 you do not need to be online at a store for hours you purchase street gear. As we said for rule 7; You can go to brands that are just as stylish and less clam such as Supreme, are put something together from a trendy store such as Zara and H&M. Do not be the guy who is 40 on the scene looking like the kids from the ASAP Mob. Know  your lifestyle and embrace it.


5.  CHOOSE A UNIFORM. I’m not saying for you to wear the same clothes everyday, that’s just nasty lol. What I mean by wearing a uniform is finding a style you like a lot. If you’re a a person who likes cardigans, then make that your signature look. You can purchase the same type of clothing from different brands and all of your garments would be slightly different because no brand wants to be the same as their competition. Celebrity photographer Terry Richardson has a signature look that is very unique very true to his self. Find what you like and turn it into a uniform fellas, that is one of the key components to not falling into the ways of a hype beast.


4. STAY TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE. If you’re a nerd embrace your nerdiness. Even Steve Urkel had an iconic look.  Icons like Pharrell are very stylish but their style is out the box. Basically what I’m is saying that you do not have to change your style to fit in with society.

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3. FORGET THE WORD SWAG.  This is the main downfall of down beast.  If you’re buying clothes for the swag just to fit in then my guy go drown yourself. Fashion is not about the SWAG or fitting in with the in crowd.


2. LABEL WHORE.  try not to be a label whore fellas, guys who only buy clothes for the name are CORNY. I understand if you are a lover of brands but do not over do it guys. Do not be the guy with a Louis Vuitton tattoo because he thinks he’s the Louis Vuitton don. Have you ever seen that guy in the club wearing all different type of brands looking loud as hell, but he thinks he’s the flyest dude but actually looks the tackiest??? Simmer the brands down a bit, you can wear name brands but keep clam with the logos.


1. DO NOT LET BLOGS DICTATE YOUR STYLE.  Just because the blogs say its hot does not mean you should like it. At the end of the day you are your own person. Don’t dress like the internet.

Follow these 10 rules and you’re on the right path to be your own person. HypeBeasts Beware.


Till next time my friends stay stylish.

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