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So you think you know how to party huh?! Well you haven’t partied until you experience Mardi Gras (aka Carnival depending on where the celebration is being held)! And with some Mardi Gras celebrations coming a bit later this year, you still have plenty of time to grab a room in a great hotel right up close to the action! So read on as I share with you which destinations have the absolute best Mardi Gras celebrations in the world!

Party Gras

Mardi Gras, New Orleans

New Orleans Mardi Gras is most likely the Most Famed Carnival Parade and Mardi Gras Celebration in the United States! With spectacular floats, fabulous cheeky costumes and of course lots of those iconic Mardi Gras beads flying about everywhere you look!  Combine that with some of the most delicious Cajun Cuisine in the world and…. Need I say more?! The parades and various local festivities kick off late February up to and including Fat Tuesday!

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New Orleans Mardi GrasMardi Gras New Orleans

Carnaval – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro is the worlds Most  Famous Festival. Considered to be one of the best-known parties in the World, filled with music, parades, drinking and people having F.U.N! Held at the peak of “summer” (in Brazil that is), the festivities start on Saturday, and ends on Fat Tuesday, or Mardi-Gras. This 4-day celebration is definitely unlike any other! Everyone owes it to themselves to go to Rio for Carnival at least Once in their lifetime!

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Carnival Rio, BrazilBrazil - Carnival float

Carnival – Trinidad and Tobago

Carnival  in Trinidad and Tobago is the most significant event on the islands’ cultural and tourism calendar. The two islands are located right off the coast of beautiful Venezuela and are sure to satisfy your taste for Caribbean festivities! Carnival is held on Monday & Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.  The heart of the musical celebration better known as Calypso has recently been replaced by Soca; considered to be the most celebrated type of music of the Caribbean! This Caribbean celebration is sure to excite your senses as you enjoy the vibrant costumes, limbo dancing, parades, parties and more..

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Carnival - TrinidadTrinidad and Tobago Carnival

Caribana Toronto

Caribana is a festival of Caribbean culture and traditions held each summer in the City of Toronto.  This Caribbean-style Carnival has been labeled as the largest Street Festival in North America. Caribana,  introduced to Canada by immigrants from the Caribbean Islands, has Toronto blazing with the excitement of Calypso, Live Soca, Steel Pan and Reggae. The parade is filled with parade participants in beautiful, elaborate masquerade costumes.  So for those located in the region of the North Eastern coastline, plan now to attend this event scheduled to take place in late July 2014!

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Caribana TorontoCarnival - Toronto

Junkanoo – Bahamas

Junkanoo is reminiscent of New Orleans’ Mardi Gras and Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival, but is distinctly Bahamian and exists nowhere else in the world! Junkanoo is a street parade which occurs in many different towns across The Bahamas during the late night to dark early hours of morning every Boxing Day (December 26), New Years Day. And more recently the celebrations are held in the summer months as well on the island of Grand Bahama. Enjoy the excitement as thousands dance their way through Bay Street, Nassau’s town center. Like an ocean of wild vibrant colors and rhythms of Caribbean beats that will have you gyrating and dancing  to the rhythmic beats of the music!

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Jankanoo  Carnival ParadeJunkanoo - Bahamas





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