Joseline Takes Shots at Tamar Braxton

Everyone’s favorite ratchet queen Joseline Hernandez is always in headlines and being surrounded in drama. The former stripper turned rapper and reality star cover’s the upcoming issue of Rolling Out’s magazine. In the interview, Joseline just couldn’t help but to address her haters- including Tamar Braxton.

Here’s what Joseline had to say about the “Love and War” songstress and talk show host.

“Well, I’m the baddest b—- out there in the streets. [They say] ”how dare this little immigrant girl come from Puerto Rico [and] just become a star.” You know I hate that s—! They’re jealous. Shout-out to Tamar Braxton, she wants to be a bad b—- like myself but she can’t be. She’s been trying to come out with music for how many years? [It’s been] f—–g 20 years since her sister [Toni] was a star. They don’t understand how a girl like me can come out and be this, but I have talent. It’s not my fault. When you got talent, you got talent. Shout-out to the haters; I love the haters. I do it for your amusement.”

Check out the latest issue of Rolling Out for more on Joseline’s crazy realness and lifestyle.

Source: UrbanDaily