John McCain’s Son Post Pic With His Black Wife After Racist Internet Trolls Attack Old Navy Interracial Ad [Pics]


A new Old Navy advertisement recently went viral after the international clothing company posted a modern photo of an interracial family to promote their 30% off sale.

But instead of receiving praise for depicting a multicultural family to their many followers, the retail store was slammed with racist comments from a group of internet trolls who were bothered with the advertisement.




Well it didn’t take long befoe Lt. Jack McCain, son of Arizona Republican, and former Presidential nominee, Sen. John McCain, tweeted out a photo of him and his beautiful Black wife in response to the racist remarks directed at Old Navy and their interracial family ad.


The racist trolls decided to attack Jack but he sent them on their way!


Talk show host Montel Williams even applauded Jack for his service and beautiful marriage.


Shout out to Jack McCain. You’re the real MVP for this.