Joan Rivers Slams Angelina Jolie for Being A Praised Homewrecker

Bossip stated that it’s been years since celebrity power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt went public with their affair-turned-relationship that rocked Hollyweird, but E! Network loud mouth and “Fashion Police” co-host Joan Rivers is still talkin that talk about Angelina not being held accountable for homewreckin’ her way into Brad’s pants heart.

via CMT

When LeAnn Rimes joined the Fashion Police recently on the E! network, Joan Rivers didn’t really talk celeb fashion with her.

She focused more on just the celeb part — especially how hard it is for Rimes, who Rivers said the press has treated “abominably.” Then, with her own unique take on Rimes’ marriage to Eddie Cibrian, Rivers said:

“You got together with a married man? So did Angelina Jolie. And she’s become a f*****g goddess.”

Then the two talked about how much control the press can have over people’s lives and how they can twist any topic any way they want.

“They can take it down a negative road, or if they want you to be happy and they love you, they’ll take it down that road,” Rimes said. But when Rivers asked her why she keeps picking fights on Twitter, Rimes said all she does is stand up for herself every once in a while.

“Can you imagine the stuff I just let go? There’s tons of it,” she said.

Dating a married man is never admirable, but do you think LeAnn Rimes and Angelina Jolie had similar situations? Or is Joan just bumping her gums for the hell of it again?


Source: Bossip