Jiminy Glick Interviews Drake & Questions His Street Cred [Video]


Actor Martin Short pulled Drake‘s card on Monday [June 6] during an episode of “Maya & Marty“, in which the actor brings back his Celebrity Sensations character Jiminy Glick to interview the rapper.

During the playful sketch Glick shades Drake left and right, telling him that he tunes out his music and inferring that he is out of shape. At one point in the interview he joins with the many who’ve questioned Drizzy’s beginnings.

“You’re a Canadian former child star. So literally we’re talking about zero street cred,” Glick says. “Zero, zero street cred. And, oh wait, your real name is Aubrey; well that changes it, that certainly scrams it up.”

NBC’s “Maya & Marty” is the most recent platform through which Short has delivered his classic Hollywood character. Glick has had a following since 2001, when he had his own prime-time show on Comedy Central. With Drake having long had a cross-over appeal, thanks in part to his past as a star on Degrassi, he is one of a small group of rappers who can currently enjoy being a part of such a mainstream production. Just recently Drake took over the late night world with a weeks worth of commercials in lead up to his appearance on Saturday Night Live, a show that gave Short [who is also Canadian], his fame.