Jill Scott Explains Why She Originally Defended Bill Cosby But Says She Is “Completely Disgusted”


Singer/actress Jill Scott shocked many when she boldly defended Bill Cosby during the height of his many rape allegations.

The soulful singer  caught a lot of criticism from her fans who felt that she was dismissing the testimony of his nearly 30 accusers late last year.

Now that the AP has released official court documents that reveal Cosby’s own testimony on drugging women for sex, Jill has taken to Twitter to address why she initially called the rape accusations an “attack on Bill’s legacy” rather than considering that there might be some truth to them:

jill-scott-cosby-tweet3 jill-scott-cosby-tweet2 jill-scott-cosby-tweet

We commend Jill Scott for admitting her fault, but can also understand the reasoning behind her initial reaction.

And to think Bill had the nerve to publicly thank Jill Scott when she defended him. SMH!