JeroslynDiva – “Just Keeping it Real” Open Letter #1 


“Those who build the future are those who know that greater things are yet to come, and that they themselves will help bring them about”

~Melvin J. Evans~

As an entrepreneur, I have ran and overseen the entire MaseTV platform for the past two years. Since May 2013 I have maintained the entire site, while producing most of the online content, social media marketing, promotion, outreach, event coordination, podcast, and all the in between involved with successfully running an up-to-date urban entertainment lifestyle blog.

With the 5,000+ blog posts I have helped produce on MaseTV, I have yet to write any personal editorials or open letters to our readers on my journey as a young Black female entrepreneur. Up until recently I had never felt moved to address our readers personally as I often felt no one would care, or had no clue what to write about.

While managing the MaseTV instagram account I recently saw postings that blogger NecoleBitchie was ending her popular gossip site after feeling like she wasn’t living out her true purpose despite having had the courage to follow her dream of starting her own blog.

I was shocked to be finding out that Necole was moving on from such a successful website, and just quitting cold turkey. Though I know we can expect so much more greatness from her, I still focused on how she said she needed to follow her true calling and do more inspirational things to help uplift the community.

NecoleBitchie has, and will remain, a major inspiration for me as a young Black female entrepreneur. From following her online I was able to gain insight and inspiration on the direction I should take my website. When I saw that she was so open and honest with us about why she was backing away from blogging, and then seeing all the encouraging and motivating words she received from her followers, I knew it was time for me to begin writing personal blog entries to our MaseTV readers.

The “MASE” in MaseTV stands for “Make A Statement Ent”, and that is what I created the site to inspire people to do….Make A Statement. So even though I know I’m making a statement through the content I post on my site, I haven’t been personally Making A Statement as Jeroslyn. And that needs to change.

I understood completely what Necole Bitchie meant when she said she needed to live out her purpose. I read “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren and eventually was led to writing my busness plan that resulted in me launching MaseTV. This website is me living out my purpose, and another part of God’s purpose for me to speak my truth, and share the various inspiration, insight, wisdom, and knowledge God so graciously shares with me during my challenging entrepreneurial journey.

I’ve recently been reminded of why its important to stay true to yourself and work hard not to get out of touch with your heart. You don’t even realize why you’re so aggy and frustrated when you’re not living in line with your true purpose. During those moments when you might of slightly got off track during your journey and strayed off into an area off worry, doubt, and fear. Writing these personal entries will be my way of staying true to my true purpose and mission; which is to share information with others in hopes of encouraging and motivating them to live better and be better each and everyday.

What did you do today that you didn’t do yesterday? In what way did you push yourself and challenge yourself to step out on faith and fight past fear? Don’t you know just how much better you would feel if you tried something new today? And in feeling better about yourself, it leads you to new chances and new opportunity that indefinitely align you even closer to your true purpose in this beautiful world.

Life is so beautiful once you start living it. I continue to thank God for blessing me with eyes to see the true beauty in life, and why he has put us on this Earth to live it.

Expect more regular personal blog postings from me, and send any questions, comments, suggestions to, or follow me on social media @JeroslynDiva, @JeroslynDiva08 (twitter).

  • Karan Srinet

    Keep up the good work!