JeroslynDiva Featured on WiShi Website!!!! Social Styling Room Right at Your Fingertips


MaseTV Founder/CEO JeroslynDiva was recently featured on WiShi a personal styling website that styles your own personal wardrobe based off the pieces you upload to the site using the WiShi Cam app.

With WiShi you’re able to personally upload pictures of your personal wardrobe using their app WiShi Cam, then the WiShi personal stylist, and other users on the site, help you swag out your style by styling your own wardrobe for you!!!


WiShi is an amazing way for aspiring personal stylist to get their feet wet in the world of styling, and also allows for those of us who aren’t so fashionable to know the feeling of having a personal stylist to help us. It’s a win/win scenario for everyone involved.

Be sure to visit WiShi to show off your personal styling skills, or to have your wardrobe personally styled.

“Clothes can make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society”

-Mark Twain-