JBL Flip 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Review)


JBL’s Flip 2 portable Bluetooth speaker is yet another product easy for on the go situations with great performance. We took it for a spin and were pretty impressed. Lets jump into some specifics.


The Flip 2 is fairly light and simply designed. The cylindrical shape is similar to that of the JBL Charge, just smaller. The front of the speaker features the JBL logo, the controls are on the sides. The right side you have volume, Bluetooth and power controls and on the left you have your NFC function. The underside of the speaker has the 5 small light for the battery life indicator. You can use the flip vertically or horizontally.



The Flip 2 is connected via Bluetooth. Connecting to devices is fairly simple and they won’t have to be re-entered when turning the device on again. It will make a sound to indicate its search for a device to connect to, and another sound to alert that it has been connected. I can walk around my apartment and still hear the music clearly with no interference. The tap NFC function is also very easy to use, just know where on your device should be close to the side of the speaker so it can connect quicker. Sensors are placed differently in devices so know where yours is and you’re set.


Battery Life:

The Flip 2 is said to provide 5 hours of music play – which is pretty accurate. If you have the volume lower you might be able to stretch that a bit, but in my case the speaker lasted exactly 5 hours on full blast.



Considering the size of the Flip 2, it’s pretty powerful. You may not get the full bass quality sometimes but you will get the sound range from this little guy. Depending on what you’re listening to it can sound a little flat but if the music isn’t too bass heavy the sound is just right. I’ve listened to plenty of R&B and the vocals and instruments were crisp.


The Bottom Line:

The JBL Flip 2 is one of the better portable Bluetooth speakers out there. It handles bass to a certain extent and will get distorted over 70% like most. The only downside I would say is the 5 hour battery life. It also comes with a nice case for easy portability so that is def another plus.


Available on JBL.com for $99.95  and it comes in Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, and White. Also available on Amazon.com.

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