Jay Z Messes Up His Verse on “Pound Cake” During Concert in Birmingham

Jay Z hasn’t been putting on the most polished performances as of late for his “Magna Carta” UK tour dates. Just recently, the superstar emcee went blank on the lyrics to “No Chuch In The Wild” during a performance a Manchester, and he seems to have done it again while spitting his verse off Drake’s “Pound Cake” during a stop in Birmingham.

You can watch a clip of the performance above, and read a fan’s account of what happened below:

“I was at the Jay-Z concert on Tuesday in Birmingham. He messed up again, I didn’t record it but I found a video on youtube of him missing his que for pound cake, its awkward for a few secs, then he improvises by spitting the dead press verse again, even though he had done the song 2 secs before. Concert also seemed pretty unrehearsed with his main keyboard player / the one who queues the music messing up a lot.”

He’s got too many years of songs in his head to remember every single one….cut the mogul some slack.

Source: VladTV