Jay Morrison Teaches How to Get A Perfect Credit Score [Video]


Jay Morrison is an American real estate broker, motivational speaker, and reality television personality who has a net worth of $10 million dollars!!!

Jay Morrison grew up poor in Somerville, New Jersey, and did what many teenagers in his neighborhood did to earn money…..he sold drugs. With his natural ability of selling Jay made sales of over $100,000 per year as a drug dealer.

He was able to provide for his family, however after multiple arrests and stints in jail, he decided to do something positive with his earnings. He left drug dealing behind and got a real estate license.

Jay Morrison Net Worth


He applied the business and hustling skills he learned from drug dealing to start his own real estate company, Mr. Real Estate LLC.

Jay made $3 million in revenue within his first two years of business. He has since become the first African-American realtor hired by Sotheby’s, a regular fixture on the hit show, “Open House NYC”, a published author with the book, “Hip Hop 2 Homeowners”, and the founder of the successful non-profit educational organization, “Project Culture Change”.

Watch below as he schools us on how to obtain a perfect credit score.

Video: WSHH