Jada Pinkett Smith Calls On Black Community to #BoycottTheOscars [Video]

Jada Pinkett Smith is supporting her husband Will Smith, and other Black filmmakers who were snubbed for the second year in a row by the Academy Awards.
Jada recently took to social media where she publicly questioned whether or not people of color should boycott the show for the constant dismissal of acknowledging Black talent with their nominations.
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Well now Jada is in full force against the racially bias awards show and posted a video over the weekend detailing why it’s time for the Black community to “stand in our power”

MaseTV recently dedicated an article to outlining just why the Black community should reframe from watching or supporting the Oscars for their lack of regard for Black art.


Will you be joining Jada and many others at Boycotting the Oscars 2016? #MakeAStatement