It’s Almost Time For Fall: Transitioning Your Wardrobe


As much as we don’t want to live in the reality that the Fall season is coming…. it is.

With the change in the season should come the change in your wardrobe.

However, you don’t have to get rid of your whole summer collection to prepare your self for fall just yet.

A few tips to preparing your summer wardrobe are:

1. Buying nylon tights.

Thin tights are the perfect transition into the colder season. Best thing about tights is you can pair them with the shorts you’ve been wearing the whole summer.




2. It’s all about layers. Don’t pack up those crop tops just yet. Add a cardigan to create a fall look.


3. Switch those summer sandals for short boots. Little booties are the perfect transitional Fall piece.


4. Change your color palette. Let those bright neon colors stay in the summer. Instead try soft colors, neutrals and and dark shades to showcase that fall transition.


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