Is Sex Really Considered An Exercise?


We have all heard the saying that sex can be considered a form of exercise.

But does sex really measure up to an intense workout?


According to the The Huffington Post’s article, Does Sex Really Count As Exercise? , a small 2013 study published in the journal PLOS One aimed to find real answers.

In the study, 21 heterosexual couples were first asked to complete a 30-minute endurance test on a treadmill at moderate intensity. Then, they were sent home with some sexy activity-monitoring armbands to do the deed at least once a week for a month. They were asked to note how each sex act made them feel “physically and psychologically, especially compared with running on the treadmill,” the New York Times reported.


The researchers then crunched the data, finding that sexual activity burned around four calories per minute for men and three per minute for women. The activity between the sheets qualified as “moderate intensity” as measured by METs, or how much energy it takes to complete a task compared to sitting still. In METs, sex ranks at about the equivalent of walking uphill or playing tennis, according to the Times. The treadmill workout, on the other hand, rated more intense in METs and burned more than double the calories, according to the study.


Three to four calories a minute can certainly add up, if you’re going at it for quite some time. The average time of a sexual act in the study was 25 minutes, including foreplay, which would result in about 75 calories burned for women and 100 for men.

So it appears that sex should not completely replace your workout routine, however it does not take away from the benefits of coitus.

Let’t continue the dialogue! Do you think sex is a form of exercise? Why or why not?

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