Is He Talking About Kim K?! The Game’s Verse on Ray J’s “I Hit It First” Gets Released


After recent admitting to smashing Kim Kardashian back in the day, rapper The Game’s verse on the horribly released R Jay track “I Hit It First” has been released!

An early demo of Ray J’s infamous song was released and it turns out Game was originally featured on the track — and it sounds like he’s rapping about his hook up with Kim.

Game is pretty low key with his X-rated lyrics, but does make reference to Kim’s store “Dash”, and even says he’ll show people how to really “drive that ghost” (seemingly talking about Kim’s Rolls Royce Ghost.)

Sooooo a song with two of the three million celebs Kim has slept with doesn’t further prove that Kim is a whorr………..beautiful woman.

Source: TMZ