Is Chief Keef is A Deadbeat Dad??? His Child’s Mother Speaks Out


17-year-old Rapper Chief Keef has been holding out on child support to his child’s mother … or so she claims, which is crazy ironic according to TMZ considering the young rapper rolls around with loads of cash in his pocket!

Keef fathered the child when he was just 15….the mother’s age is unclear. He was ordered to pay $2,600 per month in child support (plus $500 for daycare) based on his income of $13,000 per month.

But the mother has now taken it to court and filed legal documents, claiming Keef hasn’t been paying his child support bills since May.

The woman says Keef was supposed to start paying up in May, but so far he’s only paid $1,900 … meaning he’s already way behind … which is mindblowing if it’s true because Keef regularly carries THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN CASH. Like that time he was arrested with $8,000 in his pocket, or that time he left LAX with stacks of stacks.

The woman claims she can’t afford to support herself without Keef’s money and he needs to pay up stat.

A judge has since ordered the rapper to appear in court in September to explain why he hasn’t paid. If he doesn’t show up, an arrest warrant could be issued.


Source: TMZ