Incipio OffGRID 4000MAH Portable Battery Pack [Review]



Many times we find ourselves in a situation where we need some more battery life on our phones / electronic devices. Incipio’s battery packs have proven to help when in need.

The offGRID battery pack boasts 4000 mAh, which means you can get about to full charges on your phone depending on the device. I’ve used the battery pack to juice up my iPhone 5S and I easily got two full charges. I also charge my iPad mini using the battery bank, and it takes a little longer but you will get a charge and a half. There is only a single 2.1 output USB on this pack and it also comes with a portable microUSB cable.


Wondering how much battery you have left to roll with? Just use the led display along the edge which shows four lights, each indicating 25% increments of power. The pack takes about two hours to charge and will last you quite a bit. You’re probably familiar with the regular line, but now these babies come in a variety of sweet stylish colors including blue, cyan, grey, pink, red and yellow.

incipio-offgrid-portable-backup-battery-4000mah-blue-c_1 incipio-offgrid-portable-backup-battery-4000mah-red-c

I have the bright yellow one, which is pretty awesome. What I found is though, it gets dirty very fast. But who cares? It keeps you juiced up. Just thought I’d let you know. If you find you may need to have a power pack for those extra long days when you’re on the go,  you can get your hands on one of these on Incipio’s website for $49.99 HERE.