Incipio NGP Flexible Impact Resistant Case [Review]


When looking for a phone case, I tend to go for something slim, protective and nicely designed. Incipio has brought us just that with their very simple but effective NGP Flexible Impact Resistant case.


  • Easy wrap around design for enhanced defense
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Stretch and tear resistant Flex2O™ material


The case is a simple slip on soft shell cover and it is nicely fitting to the phone. I have it for iPhone 5S in translucent red, and it does not add any bulk to the phone at all. It also has a very nice matte finish to it which is cool. The case goes around the volume buttons and the lock button as well.



Although the case is a light slip on, it does a pretty good job protecting the phone. As anyone would be, I was a bit nervous when my phone was dropped in this case but it actually bounced a bit. It’s pretty shock resistant, hence the name “impact resistant”. The case raises too so if you drop it screen first you’ll be alright since it won’t hit directly.

The casing covering the volume and hold button poses no issue. The buttons still click well and they will not become stiff. The openings beneath are also just perfect, I don’t have to take the case off to plug certain headphones in or to plug it into my speakers at home like I have to do with some of my other cases.


You can get your hands on a NGP Flexible Impact Resistant case on Incipio’s website HERE for $19.99. Available in 8 colors. You can get it for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as well.