Iggy Azalea Spits On Man Taking Pics of Her In Grocery Store [Video]


Iggy Azalea lost her cool and got aggressive with a photographer outside of a Vons grocery store in Los Angeles, CA.

The Australian Hip Hop star got physical and into a shouting match with the photographer, after she spotted him taking photos of her grocery shopping, the ‘I’m so fancy’ rapper and her friend grabbed the photog, put him into a choke hold, then spit on him.

After the physical confrontation, a shouting match ensued for about two minutes between the rapper, her friend, and the photographer. During the argument, the photographer pointed out that the act of spitting on someone is assault and asked if they had ‘Aids or Ebola’,

The rapper responded with ‘I hope you have Ebola and die’. Before the argument was over, Iggy tried ramming her shopping cart into the photog before heading back to her car.