Iggy Azalea Says “Humans Will Be Humans” About Nick Young Cheating [Video]


Iggy Azalea was recently asked about her cheating fiance Nick Young during an interview with Jazzy McBee of Streetz 94.5 and added that after “everything yesterday”, if they were in the same house Nick would be “d***less.”

The “yesterday” Iggy was referring to is in regards to the female who recently outed Nick Young for their secret affair that she claims has been going on while he has been engaged to Iggy.

This also came out the same day that Iggy claimed that she would cut Nick’s penis in half if she found out he was cheating again.

“Yeah that’s how I feel,” said Iggy. “After everything yesterday I was like ‘you are so lucky that I’m on the other side of the country or you’d be d***less today…I like to think that it’s just humans will be humans ,I try not to be put it all on men. I know I can control myself, sooo…”

“I honestly I haven’t even really had the opportunity to sit down and have the conversation,” said Iggy. “He’s on the road so it’s not something whee you wanna call up your fiance and he’s with his teammates and you’re trying to figure out which fork in the road you’re going down.

I try not to let my energy get spent on that when there’s really no solution that can happen right now. I just have to wait till I can get home, I need to collect my thoughts. I’ll talk about it with him.”

Sounds like Iggy is too focused on her career to give too much life to her fiance cheating on her……must be why Nick continues to cheat…….

Watch the full interview below.