The Scoop On Fashion Trends That Are Taking Off!!


Sad to say that New York Fashion is over, however, the trends are just starting to take off! If you didn’t know, Fashion Week introduces the hot new trends and old trends that are still alive. The upcoming spring/summer 2014 collections for almost every designer have all been breath taking.

Some designers such as Yohji Yamamoto who is the head designer of Y-3 , designer Jeremy Scott who collaborates with Adidas, and Mark McNairy have all made a great impression and are definitely keeping fashion alive.



Designer Yohji Yamamoto’s runway show was my favorite show during  NYFW. However, his new collection is all the way DOPE! One thing I noticed about his collection is the oversized shirts. Over sized shirts have been a trend that is slowly returning back to the fashion world. In addition, the baggy flowy pants are a trend that is also coming back. Judging from the look of Yohji Yamamoto’s new collection I believe his clothes are comfortable and very chic. If comfortable and chic is what you fellas are looking for you should definitely give Y-3 a try.

Mark McNairy

tumblr_msv3tlezYe1qd1swho6_500Mark MCniery  has took the brand New Amsterdam to a whole new level during this years NYFW. Mark Mcniery has taken fashionable trends such as overalls, jerseys, and camouflage print and took it to pop culture. One of my favorite pieces of his new collection would be the camouflage print overalls just because camouflage print is one of the biggest trends and his transformation to camouflage overalls is keeping the camouflage style alive.

Jeremy Scott


Jeremy Scott did that! Lol! But all seriousness, Jeremy Scott is one of my favorite  designers. I’ve been a fan of his work since the debut of the wings on the Adidas sneaker collaboration. Jeremy Scott represents DIFFERENT in his creative ideas and they are AMAZING! check out the prints in his collection …. pretty breath taking.

Fellas, if you guys are looking for some bold trends that are different from the ordinary, take a look at Jeremy Scott. His sneakers are dope and his clothing is even more dope. Make a statement with your fashion sense fellas, be DIFFERENT.

Till Next time Stay Stylish

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