What To Wear When Mother Nature Throws Weather Curveballs!! (Take Notes)


Being from New York City, its hard to figure out what to wear because mother nature always is changing how she feels. One day she’s hot, the next day she is cold she’s so unfair. New York City weather will have you wearing shorts with a jacket, trust me it’s that real. However, I would like to put all of Mase TV’s followers on to certain essential wardrobe items that are cool and can help with the drastic mood swings of mother nature.

1. Fall Shorts

odbtt_styleriskfallshorts2_728211Yes I said Fall Shorts, many of you guys probably never knew there was such a thing. The difference between Fall shorts and summer shorts are that fall shorts are a lot heavier and baggier than summer shorts. Fall shorts have the resemblance of sweats, however, they are just cut off to be shorts. Fall shorts can be worn with high top sneakers. You can dig deep into your fashion sense and pull it off with something else by all means, take the risk if you dare.

2. Printed Bomber Jackets 


Bomber jackets are great for the fall because they are light jackets which give you some warmth when mother  nature decides to give us 81 degree weather with a cold breeze. In addition, bomber jackets are having a fashion moment due to the fact they are prefect to wear almost anywhere including the gym, as street wear, and they have dominated the runway shows. Nonetheless, if you decide to purchase a bomber jacket, pick one up that describes your style. There are a variety of printed bomber jacket brands such as Asos, Gap, Balenciaga, and Alexander Wang. They all have great bomber jackets to check out.

3. Layering 

This crazy weather change is the perfect time to layer and be creative. I have seen some crazy layered tunics in the streets of New York and some pretty dope layered outfits.

jgzfi_fallrisktunics3_728211 The image above is the perfect example how to layer up this fall. A lot of the mistakes i’ve seen in the streets of New York City is people doing it over the top. You can be very simple when it comes to layering and you do not have to put on every color in the book to layer. If you can’t remember this rule, here’s a tip to remind you; K.I.S.S. ( Keep it Simple & Stupid). No need to be the loudest person in the streets or at work if you are going to look absolutely ridiculous.

Till next time stay stylish my friends.

Instagram: PrimProper