Well Hello Fall!! Winter is a little over three months away, which means is time to get serious about your beach body! Yes people! Beach bodies are made in the winter! Today it is all about one of my fitness inspirations, the one and only Serena Williams! This woman is absolutely stunning and her body is amazing! She the product of what you can achieve when you work hard and commit to living healthy!


Tennis superstar Serena Williams has created a workout app designed to build core strength and tone abdominal muscles. She spent some time with and spoke about her fitness goals and workout routines.

With a stability ball and resistance bands, Williams demonstrates drills that are what she calls a “great supplement to do after running, riding the bike or other cardio” designed to increase overall core strength while helping to create a lean, strong body.


A devoted Williams told The Telegraph: “When I’m on the road and need a quick workout, I can do an NTC in my hotel room; or if I feel like I need something extra after a training session, I can target a specific muscle group with the 15 minute workouts.” Not a fan of weight-based training, the tennis pro focuses instead on resistance methods, which is reflected in the app.

Williams, who has won 46 World Tennis Association titles, joins fellow tennis player Maria Sharapova in creating a workout for the app, as well as Rihanna’s trainer, Ary Nuñez.


She admits how she can be “just like everyone else when it comes to training – and I have my days where it’s tough to get into that gym”, but reveals that great workout gear can make all the difference.

“A good gym outfit can give you that extra boost to get to the gym, or maybe run a little bit longer than last week because you know you look good doing it.”

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According to Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, like a 24-hour mobile personal trainer, the Nike Training Club app will soon add Williams’ full-body workout to routines from Nike’s elite athletes. “My workout will challenge your core to make you tighter and stronger, and give you the power to control whatever happens next,” the five-time Aus Open champion said.


The new workout will be one of more than 60 15, 30 and 45-minute workouts on the NTC app, which matches gym work to your goals and fitness level and features video demos and playlist sync.

To download the free Nike Training Club app for iPhone and iPod Touch or Android, visit

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