How to Dress for the Holiday Christmas Party


Christmas is fast approaching! And with Christmas, you know what that means. OFFICE HOLIDAY PARTIES!!! Nothing better than 1) your multi million dollar corporation paying for top shelf drinks and catered food and 2) seeing your boss and all your coworkers drunk  and actually showing the personality you questioned whether or not they had.  But bringing your funny stories about office mishaps and happy hour adventures won’t be enough. This is how to dress for an office party.

office party 1


office party 3

The Top

You can go a few routes with the top. Your office party outfit should be business super casual. Business casual is pretty much button up, tie, slacks and hard bottom shoes. But thats a little too dressy for the office party. Let loose and show some style. The shirt should be a casual button down like an oxford or broadcloth (not a fine weave one).  Layer it with a merino v-neck sweater or cardigan. Be funny and get a dope Christmas sweater.  That’s just the way to describe a fair isle or jacquared sweater. You can even throw a casual blazer on if you’re THAT guy in the office.  Usuall me actually. If you really want to unwind and play that fine line, throw a polo on.  But make sure you tuck it into . . .

office party 2


office party 5

The Bottom

*emoji finger pointing up* Tuck that polo into some smooth ass knickers! What kind though. The king of casual bottoms, the chino is the best bet to go with.  Take those wool, flapping in the wind slacks off and throw on some fitted chinos. And that can be worn with everything.  You have just upped your cool factor and are on your way to being the best looking guy at the soiree. But if you are tired of the chinos, get edgy and throw on a pair of skinny cargos. Pair these up with an oxford and a navy blazer. Business Super Casual and Super Fly. Make sure whatever you wear on the bottom doesn’t cover too much of . . .


The Shoe 

The shoe. Let’s tie it all together here.  You have options so explore them.  Option one is to wear some wingtips. The best dress up and dress down shoe. Florsheim has a great affordable option with padding inside called the “Veblen.” I own a pair and I love them,  Another option is a pair of Desert Boots or chukkas. Casual and dressy enough to wear at the office party and not stand out like a sore thumb toe. Last option if you really want to test the waters are boat shoes. A good pair of boat shoes blend right in like a chameleon. Wear them the right way and can’t nobody tell you nothing!

Now that you’re on your way to the office function looking smooth here are some tips on how not to get talked about at next year’s party

1) Work the room. Don’t linger in a conversation or with certain people too long

2) Know your limit. Once you start to feel it, sloooooww doowwwwnnnn

3) Dont make out with any one. What you do after is your business. But while there, play it cooler than a polar bear’s toe nails

4) Don’t just talk about work. It’s turn up time as the kids say these days. Let loose! No one cares about those portfolios.

5) Don’t be awkward. For God’s sake please don’t be awkward

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