H&M Finally Launches Online Store


World famous fashion retailer H&M have FINALLY answered everyone’s prayers, and launched an e-commerce site for the masses. Similar retailers like Zara and Uniqlo already successfully launched their online stores back in 2012.

The Swedish retailer originally announced back in 2011 that they were in the works to launch an online store by the turn of 2012. Fans rejoiced, but as 2012 came and went, there was no mention of the launched online shop. Another announcement from H&M stated that Fall 2012 would be the official launch date, however once again nothing.

All seemed lost, then out of nowhere H&M announced their online shopping e-commerce store was officially available! Their entire inventory will be available online, making it easier to buy items that aren’t available in your local H&M locations.

Shipping is free until August 15th, so get online!

ESQ-hm-shopping-0813-xl Picture 2 Shop-HM-Online-UK-Europe-Now


Source: StyleBlazer