Hillary Clinton Reveals Plan to Help Black Female Entrepreneurs


Democratic frontrunner Hilary Clinton sat down with The Tom Joyner Morning Show and expressed the new route she’s taking at securing the Black vote.

The presidential hopeful spoke on how she plans on ensuring entrepreneurship for Black women in America.

“The fastest growing segment is African-American women. I’m going to look to put pressure on the traditional lending intuitions like banks to pay more attention. We’re going to have conferences around the country helping small business to see how they can compete. I’m going to do more to encourage the new forms of lending to really focus on minority owned small businesses.”

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

Clinton also spoke about what kind of Attorney General she will appoint if she becomes President of the United States:

“I’m very proud that Eric holder has endorsed me. I will do whatever it takes. Working with outside groups that support efforts of litigation. We’re going to go right at that. I strongly support Obama’s constitutional right to appoint a new Supreme Court.”

Clinton is adamant on winning the support of the Black community, but do you support in her plans for presidency? #MakeAStatement