Hillary Clinton Claims She Keeps Hotsauce in Her Bag On The Breakfast Club [Video]


Democratic Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton stopped by the most popular morning radio show in the country to further extend her fight for the Black vote, and what better way to get the Black vote than to brag about carrying hot sauce in her bag…swag?!


While on “The Breakfast Club,” Hillary can be heard telling Charlamagne Tha God that she always carries hot sauce in her purse. It came off as a clear attempt to snag New York’s black vote before the primaries scheduled to take place today.

When asked if she was pandering to black people, she jokingly said … “Is it working?”

She’s been catching some criticism for the comment, but truth is Hillary talked about her love of chili peppers and hot sauce since 1992, when she started using it to boost her immune system.