Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Hold #DemDebate in Flint, Mi [Video]


Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders took to Flint, Michigan for a very heated presidential debate.

The debate was the first time we got to see Clinton and Sanders get into a heated exchange when discussing their past votes for bills involving mass incarceration, Wall Street bailout, and gun control.


Hillary Clinton has long attacked Bernie Sanders for being a one-issue candidate, and during the debate Sanders agreed with her.

“Secretary Clinton says I’m a one-issue person — well, I guess so,” Sanders said. “My one issue is trying the rebuild a disappearing middle class. That’s my one issue.”

Clinton criticized the senator for opposing the 2008 bailout, including funding that helped the auto industry, a major portion of Michigan’s economy. Sanders said he was against bailing out Wall Street with taxpayer dollars, but did support the auto bailout and a stimulus package.

After being attacked by Bernie over the speeches she gave to big banks on Wall street, Hillary Clinton said she would release to the public transcripts of speeches she gave to Wall Street firms once every other candidate in the presidential race, Republican and Democrat, did so as well.

Bernie Sanders happily obliged.

“You want me to release my speeches to Wall Street? Here it is!” the senator said, waving his arms in the air. “There’s nothing! I don’t give speeches to Wall Street for hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Watch the full debate below.