Henry Louis Gates Creates 6 Hour PBS Documentary On “Africa’s Great Civilizations” [Trailer]


Reputable historian Henry Louis Gates, Jr. has teamed up with PBS once again to educate the masses on the great civilizations that have come out of Africa.

Gates and PBS will be presenting a historic 3-part documentary series titled “Africa’s Great Civilizations” premiering February 27, that will educate watchers on the greatness that exists within many African tribes and countries.

According to a statement released on Shadow And Act:

As of today’s announcement, we can’t say just how comprehensive the series will be, but here’s hoping that much will be covered during its 6-hour running time; there’s certainly much history to be uncovered. Here’s an official summary: “Henry Louis Gates, Jr. provides a new look from an African perspective at African history, traversing the dawn of mankind to the dawn of the 20th century. The series is a breathtaking and personal journey through history that includes evidence of the earliest human culture and art, arguably the world’s greatest ever civilizations and kingdoms, and some of the world’s earliest writing. Gates travels throughout the vast continent of Africa to discover the true majesty of its greatest civilizations and kingdoms.”