Hazel E Breaks Up With Katt Williams And Says He Needs Help [Video]


“Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” star Hazel E has confirmed that she is done with comedian Katt Williams and all of his violent run-ins with the law.

Photogs recently caught Hazel at LAX where she held back nothing and revealed just why she taking a “break” from Katt before urging him to “get some help”.


Via: TMZ

Getting raided by cops at gunpoint is where Katt Williams’ chick draws the line — Hazel-E says she’s getting out while the getting’s good.

We got Hazel at LAX, right after she got off a plane from Georgia … and she made it clear she and the oft-arrested comedian are officially “on a break.”

You gotta see her describe Katt’s latest bust — the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star was in the house Tuesday when cops showed up to arrest him for allegedly attacking one of his bodyguards.

Hazel addressed the big question everyone’s asking: What the HELL is wrong with Katt lately?

Check out her take — even ride or die chicks have their limits.