Harry Belafonte Calls Out Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Barack Obama: “Doing a concert for Barack Obama is not a Commitment for the Black Struggle”

The iconic Harry Belafonte recalls the moment where he made his statement regarding Beyonce & Jay-Z, and his disinterest towards politics. Belafonte goes into further detail behind his comments, and really makes you question the lack of community action from many “powerful” celebrities today.

No matter your color, you should never forget where you come from once you become successful, and should always find ways to help give back to the youth and future leaders of tomorrow in your community and culture. That is exactly what Belafonte is saying here.

He says “Doing a concert for Barack Obama is not a commitment for the Black struggle. That’s a very safe and elitist way to live out your life. And I think it’s important for Barack Obama to pay attention to that as well.”

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Three reasons why you need to watch this:

1) Belafonte schools us youngins on our Black history, which we DO NOT hear enough of. So it’s good to be reminded of who we are.

2) Makes you wonder what response Jay-Z or Beyonce could possibly have after watching this.

3) Makes you realize how President Obama uses celebrities and pop culture to maintain his image….smart guy. But we need to #WakeUp