Hair Talk 101: Being Comfortable In The “Hair” Your In

The 51st New York Film Festival - "All Is Lost", "12 Years A Slave" And "Nebraska" Premieres
The 51st New York Film Festival - "All Is Lost", "12 Years A Slave" And "Nebraska" Premieres

Within the African-American culture, a black woman’s hair can be a touchy subject. With the mainstream media portraying their views on what a black woman’s hair should look like, it can be a bit overwhelming, and can lead to insecurity issues, self hate, and a hard time finding our identity.

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We all have been guilty of bashing a black woman’s hair style at least once in our lives. Insult vary from the kinky hair God gave us, to judging the girls that love their 20+ inch bundled hair or wigs, to even shading the girls who shave their hair off.

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In my humble opinion, we should be able to do whatever we want to our hair that expresses who we are. Hair is an accessory!

Wether you’re the girl who goes natural, a weave queen, or the girl who loves the creamy crack (perm). Be comfortable in any hairstyle you want. Don’t let others judge you by your hair and don’t do it to others.

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Love is love. As a woman of color who has done and gone through every hair phase humanly possible, I feel we should not judge other women on their hair choices. Just do what makes you happy with your hair.

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