GQ Gives 6 Ways To Wear Men’s Jewelry Properly

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Cuff Aren’t Just for the Bedroom Anymore 
They’re all over the red carpet, for one, with style pros like Pharrell, Bradley Cooper, and the man on our cover giving cuffs some shine. Why? Because cuffs do a lot—turn up the volume on a tee-and-jeans look, take the starch out of a suit—with a little. Whether yours is raw brass or precious metal, no need to overthink it. Cuffs are to jewelry what cacti are to houseplants: damn near impossible to screw up—even if you’re not Pharrell.

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Identity Theft: Channel Your Inner James Dean
What was James Dean’s third-favorite accessory, behind his trusted leather jacket and a face full of brooding melancholy? His ID bracelet.

If you want to follow his lead, there’s only one rule: Always wear an ID bracelet on your strong hand, opposite your watch. Where you get the bracelet is your call. There’s no shame in nabbing your granddad’s—or someone else’s granddad’s, since eBay has plenty. Or buy one brand new and make it an heirloom the instant you monogram the plate. Just be sure you’ve got the right initials for the job. (Sorry, Abraham Stephen Smith.)


Maison Martin Margiela (left), $515
Melet Mercantile (right), $300

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Behind Every Great Watch Is an Even Cooler Bracelet
The rule for carry-on luggage applies to your wrist: No more than two pieces at once, watch included. This ain’t Coachella.

Watch, $4,950 by TAG Heuer
Bracelet, $80 by Miansai
Sweater by Todd Snyder

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If your timepiece has a subdued strap, let your bracelet be the star. The trick is to pick a bold color like red or orange—and make sure the bracelet is thin.

Watch, $1,495 by Bulova AccuSwiss
Bracelet, $250 by Tateossian
Sweatshirt by John Elliot + Co.

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Go ahead, wear a gold timepiece. Just add a bracelet that complicates your statement watch’s statement, like this brass one from George Frost.

Watch, $36,000 by Omega
Bracelet, $120 by George Frost x Michael Bastian
Sweater and shirt, Emporio Armani

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We’re usually against too much matching—except for this. Because black and silver-toned metal looks twice as sleek when there’s twice as much.

Watch, $2,950 by Hermés
Bracelet, $460 by Hermés
Shirt by Hermés

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