Go-Getter of the Week: Comedian/Actor Marcus Banks @MBanks914


A native of New Rochelle, NY, Comedian/Actor Marcus Banks began his stage performance career in January 2011. Since then Banks has exposed audiences all over the New York Tri- State area to his, clever, high-energy, raunchy sense of humor every opportunity he’s gotten. In 2012, Banks performed in over 150 shows, opening for acts like Mike Epps, Michael Blackson, and Rob Stapleton to name a few.

In 2012, he took part in a 24-city tour from New York to North Carolina in which he was the only comedian on the bill. However, like most of the greats to come before him; Banks truly believes that his ability to make others laugh should be shared off stage as well. Banks makes every effort he can to give back. Not only has a he made financial donations to the local Boys and Girls Club of America, he’s made motivational speeches to the group of youngsters as well.

And he is just getting started…

This year Banks adds radio personality to his resume. He can be heard Every Tuesday on “The Chop” from 7pm-9pm EST. Banks is also working on his first Comedy Documentary entitled “Refund Check”, which is slated for release winter 2013.

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MaseTV Go-Getter of the Week: Marcus Banks

1) What’s your favorite quote that you live by?

“No Days Off When You Chasing A Dream”

2) What motivates you each day to keep going?

My family motivates me every morning and just my hunger and drive motivates me. There is nothing more in this world I want then for my career to be on the biggest platform.

3) How did you know that what you’re doing was what you always wanted to do?

Never in a million years would I think I would think I would be a comedian. I was always a class clown but it’s a whole different ball game when you’re on the big stage trying to convince many people you are funny.

4) Who are your closest friends and why?

My closest friends are my childhood friends & my road manager they are the most supportive and they never steer me wrong in any aspect of my career.

5) What’s your favorite social network and why?

Twitter because the way people interact with me. They see that I’m the same person on social networks as I am in person.

6) If you could work with anyone dead or alive who would it be? And why?

Bernie Mac he was an underrated comic genius really brought his humor to light.

7) What makes you a Go-Getter?

What makes me a go getter is that I’m the early bird that gets worm.

8) Kobe or LeBron?

Kobe because he a closer and gamer changer.

9) Beyoncé or Rihanna? Music and looks…

Beyonce her catalogue is phenomenal

10) If you could tell President Obama one thing what would it be?

Watch out for thre “New Face Of Comedy” Marcus Banks I’m here to really make a change .

 MaseTV 3 for 3 (Must list 3 of Each and They Must Be Current)

. Favorite music artist/rappers

  • Dylan Dylan & Dylan “Because I spit hot fire” No let me stop
  • Jay-Z
  • Nipsey Hussle
  • Fabolous

. Favorite movies

  • Kevin Hart “Let Me Explain”,
  • Fruitvale Station
  • Conjuring

. Favorite television shows

  • Breaking Bad
  • Walking Dead
  • Spartacus