Girl Byeeee: Kourtney Kardashian Charges “Fans” $150 at a Meet and Greet Event in Las Vegas

Via HuffingtonPost

According to InTouch, Kourtney Kardashian demanded a light $150 per person for a meet and greet this weekend. Thousands of people lined up outside the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, only to be told it would cost them. After waiting in line for hours, fans were handed a pink paper informing them of the fee.

The fans who took the bait were reportedly rushed in and out, leaving disappointed.

“Don’t they have enough money? Why would I pay $450 for my twin 8-year olds and myself meet her and get a picture?” one upset parent told InTouch. “I called yesterday and asked and they said I didn’t HAVE to buy that package but now I drove down here, paid for gas and told my babies they could see her and it’s changed. I’m not a fan anymore.”

Kourtney ought to be ashamed of her damn self…..and Ms. with the 8 year old twins….why were you a fan in the first place?! That’s your bad.


Source: HuffingtonPost